Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coming soon

Interested in all those enticing freebies lucky editors are getting on their seats at all these lovely runway shows? I am doing an in depth article about what they get and how much they use their gifts and what they love to get the most. I know you will tune in for the full article soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

blog has moved...

new and improved blog is CHeck it out you will like i promise xxx.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Die for it

I am this close to failing out of fashion school. My one true love and I seem unable to
Make an arrangement. My mental health and mindstate are extremely fragile and Dangerous. All I can think of is McQueen and how he has been haunting me all semester. I want to suffer for fashion I will live and die for it ...I would slay fools for the right garment. I put everything on the line for such cheap fashion thrills as you cannot comprehend. I'm nothing but a no good low down scoundrel drunk,, getting high off of coca cola and my own laughter. I want to burn out like a supernova, super bright and super short. I want to sig in my own blood in front of the mirror and write long live McQueen in blood, then nothingness. I can only hear people tell me I'm crazy so many times before I start wondering if they're actually right and my mental state is in serious need of repair. Any more pressure and I feel like I might snap into something beyond what I am now and then there will be serious trouble for everyone involved. I want to suffer for you hear ms? SUFFER!!!! I am worthless for anything else, my addictions and add in this city are too much, it's unsustainable the amount of medication I'm on is too much I feel lost in space nothing to hold onto no anchor no nothing just emptiness with no end.. Long live McQueen

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NYC I made it!

So obviously I made it to New York and I am living it up in the big city, though I have been spending most of my time in queens where my new apt is. I have found a couple of amazingly hip ne'er do wells to share the huge space with and we already had one noise complaint, can you believe that? It was because my new friends were freestyle rapping past 10 in our gigantic living room, what a treat for me - you have no idea how cool it was to witness that amazing spontaneous performance. I wish I could share it with you guys but the iphone didn't get all the words clearly so you will just have to trust it was spectacular. Since this is a fashion blog I have to fill you in on what is going on in my fashion life, I am living in my small capsule wardrobe that I brought all in one backpack, mommi was right one bag was the perfect solution but not to worry I am going back home to retrieve my luggage very soon - only thing i am worried about is how wrinkly all my stuff will be after being packed for at least a month, just have to bring the iron too right. Let me surmise my capsule wardrobe that I am really putting to the test these days, bc I decided not to have the luggage shipped I am testing the accuracy and strength of my packing skills with the capsule - so far I am doing ok with just a few necessary basics, here they are for you to peruse:

One black tight weave linen blazer with long lapels and one button from club monaco
One asymmetrical cowl neck givenchy cardigan (only a few pieces of outerwear so far so good)
One purpley printed ruffled tank by rebecca taylor - the girliest thing i own
One star print see through black blouse, from target but you would never guess
One sleeveless black blouse with heavy amount of studding on the shoulders - only worn it once!
One james perse white tank, have worn this thing about a million times
one seven for all mankind white tunic, burnout style with an asymmetrical ruffle down one side
one helmut lang burnout scoop front and back tee in a nudey flesh color - got superglue on it so have been wearing very casually
one rebecca taylor leopard print burnout tee in grey
one rebecca taylor leopard print burnout tee in black
one amazing barbara bui pink linen jacket - put this on and turn into a bad ass bitch, seriously wore it all through first week of classes
One black under ligne by doo ri dress
3 pairs black tights - haven't brought these out yet but i will very soon
one pair mens ysl car shoes/moccasins leopard print - my most comfortable so glad i brought these
One pair black hand studded by me leather flip flops
one pair guisseppe zanotti spiked flats
one pair rock and republic studded black ballet flats, these now have holes in the soles that i must get repaired
one pair mocha color alexander wang mules - 6inches that I so have not been wearing (when it comes to trekking all over the city in heels my hate of being sweaty wins over my love of wearing 6inches)
One pair black laser cutout slingback shoe booties by elizabeth and james
One pair studded current elliot black skinny jeans (studs on pockets)
One pair, my faves, black nudie skinny jeans that have only been washed one time in the year or so I have had them
One pair black seven skinny jeans that are right at the ankle and have hook and eye hardware closures all up the back of the calf
One pair burberry indigo color skinny jeans (they might actually be straight but not sure)
4 good bras and tons of undies
2 pairs of jean cutoffs, one sydney short black vintage levis and one blue gap slouchy skinny cut
2 black leather belts, one daddio has donated and is my favorite and the other is an amazing diesel one with lots of hardware - very heavy like 3 lbs

since I have been here all i have added is:
2 grey walgreens tees for pajamas bc i stupidly forgot my eat the rich pj tee
one pair mens paul smith gladiator sandals (needed another walking shoe) These were only 45 at the most incredible resale shop youve ever seen in the east village
One black graphic tee that says "black rain white noise" really big - another pj tee that I can wear out, its by chronicles of never

anyway I have been so good about not shopping I am very proud of myself, i haven't been going into stores or browsing or anything - its very difficult but i figure if I quit drinking then I can quit my shopping habit too...(though i did see a pair of wang shoes i have been dying to get my hands on ever since he began making shoes last year, i can figure it out i think, i would sweat it out in those ones baby)

ok so thanks guys for reading if you are a good friend of mine - this makes you even better! smooch! I'll blog again soon, and right now I am wearing the current elliot stud jeans, white perse tank, heavy duty diesel belt, givenchy cardigan and leopard ysl car shoes! be good, until next time! dont do anything i wouldn't do...not much but still!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Menswear baby

this picture speaks to me...the most vulnerable part of my bod, does it look like this in black and white? i do hope so baby.

these are from Jak and Jil, he knows what hes doing...hooray for menswear, im over womenswear for now.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Official news

So it's fate for me party bloggers, I'm moving everything to NYC. I can't wait and don't worry I might be out of touch for a little while but I'll always come back to you dear readers if there are any of you out there. I'm getting ready to pack everything good up and take it on the road so this blog will now be about my adventures in dressing, kind of was that already but you know I just want to warn you officially. I'll let you know how the packing goes and how it is to live out of a suitcase with a hundred thousand dollar wardrobe. I exaggerate of course but not by much, all I need is my clothes and a mattress and a door that locks, maybe a couple of clothing racks to make my life a little easier but they will come later. First off I need to get myself there, say goodbye to all the htown exes and move on...this is going to be the next adventure and I'm very ambitious, I will die before I return a failure to this town.. Lately I've been trying to get in some boy time with whomever is willing to satisfy my needs, I'm like a leopard I kill my man prey then leave it for a bit - maybe I get scared off by another hunter but usually it's just to let it rot a little, making it that much sweeter the next time around...sounds gross but is it ever so true.. I like to revisit my kills just to be sure they don't forget who's boss..the boss of myself only of course don't get me twisted...just the line ranger looking always for the next target to take down, then I either revisit intensely for a week or so or leave it to return months or years later. The life of a single chick makes me so much happier, I'm just glad I found myself again...
So I ramble on about boys but I just wanted to vent a is the topic at hand and menswear is on my mind. I've been buying it up like crazy to wear in NYC and believe me it's working out so well, I can't wait till it gets a bit cold so I can whip out my new scotch and soda peacoat and the not matchy scarf..ohhh fall I'm craving you like an 88 k5 blazer with no ac. Another menswear find is a diesel utility jacket that is going to be a major go to I already know, also a white tee that says eat the rich on it, bc the rich should all be devoured by hungry ass leopards like myself. Also a great microthin theory tee that I love for the misty green color and the vneck is wrapped a little which I love - the smallest details make me the most happy. I'm gonna go see if I can find it in another color real quick, shall return readers, don't miss me too much . xxx

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The bests

So I want to make a list based on astute first hand experiance, also to take a little inventory and see how the wardrobe stands at the moment, nothing big just check it yo:

best stiletto
Ysl tributes one and two you know

best chunky heel
Alexander Wang

best leopard print
Rebecca Taylor, not too big and mushy not to tiny and cheetahish, just right

best jeans for cutting off
vintage levis or gap gap gap

best flares
balmain moto flares

best bootcut
Wang or drkshdw by the rocker

Best studded bag
still love balenciaga you know me, always back to the classics when it comes down to serious business

best oversized clutch
Devi kroell - I'm still aspiring my friends

best studded clutch
rykiel or minkoff - tough fudging call that I cannot make bc I love both of mine more than I can express...and my vocab is massive fools

best goth metal jewelry
Pamela love, I aspire and one day I will be in the club but I'm not about to settle for a silly little cage ring, even if it is hinged

best skull tee
mcqueen my effing hero

best clogs
dude I like the pradas and the miu miu can't say Chanel tho you know I so want to

best amazing shoes
GZs more and more I'm drawn to them, they are pure fantasy but not quite high enough for everyday

best costume jewels
club Monaco or bcbg seriously, express is a close runner up

best denim jacket
drkshdw the ricker is my god

best leather jacket
Rick Owens again baby, one day I'll be there

best fringe bag
Charlie my love I'm obsessed

best cigarettes
marlboro red 100s, don't give me anything less yo

best nailpolish
here Chanel excells all over the damn place

best cream blush
la prairie, again I aspire...for now

best mascara
diorshow baby...duuuuh

best studded belt
linea pelle or be and d

best hobo bag
Sonia - my long lost love

best bra
natori dude always

best super laced out for the boys bra
chantelle dudes I want one

best shades
Tom ford baby never anything sexier than a hot fool on some baller TFs

best leather jewelry
Natalia brilli baby she's so hot

best wallet
ohh man I like to keep it slim, Ysl does the most amazing card cases

best menswear for girls
Ysl baby all day

best crystal/rock jewelry
aesa love it love it would wear them all at once if I could

best blazer
hmmmmmm....that's a toughie, I know it's something fab that I've never tried so I'll get back to y'all on that
in love with theory right now but that's me, and only the ones that look like helmut

best creepy prints
helmut lang baby

best cowl
helmut's the shit

best skinny jeans
helmut oh yeah this should be called the helmut list

best platform
Celine, balenciaga, Wang he's a master I wish he would do more tho

one more, best flat boot that I might or might not be feeling for fall
Stuart weitzman, let's end this baby with a surprise

Thanks all that made it to the end, smooches to each and every one of you readers