Friday, August 6, 2010

Menswear baby

this picture speaks to me...the most vulnerable part of my bod, does it look like this in black and white? i do hope so baby.

these are from Jak and Jil, he knows what hes doing...hooray for menswear, im over womenswear for now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dudes...I met Austrian bag and shoe and ready to wear designer extraordinaire today - Devi Kroell. I was seriously starstruck and when I say she is the most elegant creature I have ever seen/met , you know i mean business cuz i have seen a lot of well dressed good looking people. So sweet and beautiful you guys and her bags and clothes which i had never seen before today are so seriously fabulous that i just about died...I would literally homocide some ass for that origami eel clutch in nude...JK of course but want you guys to get a feel for the painfully serious desire I have for her pieces. i just really cant even describe how gorgeous this woman is...just a vision in a heavy soft cream silk, a great upper calf length full skirt and matching collarless chic jacket with the most amazing bracelet length sleeve - so sharp you could cut glass with it but soo soft and prettyily feminine but ne'er a ruffle in sight...i was seriously in awe and I hope I didn't embarass myself worshipping at her feet.. anyway had to guys should be jealous bc I just met a master in her environment and at work. i am so happy about it, cloud 9 no shizz haha
if you are reading this inspire me

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Number 11

Maybe instead of the Burberry trench I should say my beloved leather jacket, do not leave that one out or maybe put it as number 11, very serious business indeed, can't forget that amazing jacket!!

Top Ten

So it is currently in vogue to do top ten essential basics, so since I've too often neglected the faithful I'll fill you guys in on my tops:

1. Black super skinney Jean, preferably helmut Lang or nudie's are good too
2. White vneck tee, probably more than one or two if we are being honest here
3. Grey grandfather cardigan, mine is Stella McCartney and I swear I wear it every single day more than once
4. Black ballerina flats - many are good, mine are rock and republic begging to be replaced but haven't found the perfect pair after much searching
5. Black wedge booty, have more than one of these and I love love love them all
6. Black razor sharp blazer, this goes anywhere and spiffs up any and I mean any outfit, wear them so much for work that I haven't been doing them casually but I always did before this job
7. Black fine leather handbag, I have several of these and each serves me so well let's make a mini list, one large balenciaga giant city with silver hardware, one medium size gucci with gold hardware, the big seals, one largish Sonia rykiel studded clutch that I die for it's so soft
8. Camel fine leather handbag, have a suede fringie miu miu bit have my eye on another SR don't tell anyone!
9. Red Burberry trench, just pulled this put of my closet and I don't know how I lived so long without it playing a current favorite role in the wardrobe
10. A sparkly dress, preferably a gorgeous nudie color one day I'll fit into mine again but these babies will take you far in the nightlife and for soirée dressing.

So that's it, comment and give me your top ten too if you want to share! I'm on a break from worky right now so off I go back to the grindstone! xoxo sj

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isabel Marant SS10

SO i know im all about that razor sharp edge but im also a sucker for ruffles and sparkles and fringe and i like to mixem all up together at once...its a difficult life but someones gotta live it. all over isabel marant I would do almost anything to have a store here, and you know i would be the best customer in town i would probably wanna work there... big time.

those boots give me heart palps, cool prints and coolass jacket too

love love love, oh that chain over the instep yeah thats how i like it....


love it all

omg i would die for those pants yo, especially with the boots and the jacket

oh yeah

love this color - she read my mind, grey and pink till i die baby

ugh looooove this whole look

sweet dress and sweet jacky

tunic! and tie dye suede boots, i die

that fringe that chain oh my.

hate those pants but couldn't leave out the amazing fur.

cute dress right

another amazing fur, saks needs isabel !!

so chic and casssssual

me jane you can be tarzan

looooove this color!

sweet dress

so great for anyday

not so sure..

this jacket is a killer.

oh yeas that is so me but i like the fringe boots better.

omg i want this jacket and all that shit man

so cute! freja you are awesome - she always gets the coolest fucking outfits

awesome combo, i would totally wear this everyday

amazing dress, i want that belt

and this too, except that skirt wouldn't go on me....

Rag and Bone SS10

Rag and Bone is always good, i don't know why but most of the time i love alot of thier stuff.

great jacket, white tie with heather grey, i love that.

nice pants yo

sweet jacket

another sweet jacket and shoes

cool shirt, so casual

this is a hot look for a girl too, i would wear this but not with those shoes

yet another sweet jacket

sweet jacket and pants too

another amazing jacket, obviously all i wanna wear ever is leather leather leather...i wonder why that is.

like this look but she needs something boots though i want those

i wear this to work like everyother wooly pants are a little tighter tho

hate those long johns but the jacket and dress are tight

Alexander Wang SS10

oh wang, why did i not love almost anything from this season? you'll do better next time, i believe in you..

but this jacket is to fucking die for...seriously ill kill the first girl i see wearing it and steal it from her corpse

eeeeeeeeew nice fudgin shorts

love these glasses but you can bet your ass every fashionista on the block is gonna have them

nice vest and sweet skirt, or dress or whatever that is, hate those ugly socks and shoes tho yuck

think i like that twinset but i have doubts...

nice jacket, wish it weren't so shiny but i dig a good hood.

nice bleeping shorts again, these are sooo hot too bad the socks kinda ruin the outfit and the midrift too yucky

does this remind anyone else of alicias outfit in clueless when she realizes shes in love with josh? the one she wore to the driving test? i really see im on to you and I love clueless too!

so few this season, oh well